Tom at work

Everyone has to start somewhere…. Tom’s currently at work making a couple of test lights for our house, we’ll be offering similar lights for sale on an online store later. But if you like what you see and you really want one now, just give us a shout and couple weeks. We can probably work something out. 🙂

Below is one of his first creations, it is a sconce-style light made from barn wood. All of the barn wood he works with is sourced from the second story hay loft of our barn, built by Amish in 1950. It is almost all red oak and as with true barn wood is weathered and full of character; there are visible knots, holes and tunnels, rough saw marks, nail holes and dents and dings from 70 years of use. The cord is braided hemp rope that closely resembles ropes hanging off the hay trolley in our barn (those don’t have electrical running through them) 🙂
He added a really cool LED bulb that looks like the old Edison Bulbs, but it’s LED so will be long lasting. It gives off a LOT of light! It’s become my new favorite bedroom light to read by and it has a switch about halfway up the cord, so I don’t even have to get out of bed to turn it off. We have a very rustic style bed frame, so this sconce just fits right and really makes the room. The cord is secured to the barn wood with fencing staples. This one doesn’t have a shade, but I kind of like the look of the exposed Edison bulb, especially since it hangs up high enough it’s not in much danger of being bumped into. (With our dogs, this is a consideration with EVERYTHING.)

He’s currently at work on a desk lamp of similar style. I’ll post that one when it’s finished. I found an old saw blade today in the garage that I may paint something on. It’s been cold and rainy outside the past couple days, but supposed warm up Monday- then I’ll be out in the garden!

Hope ya’ll are staying safe and healthy.



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