Store's open folks!

We have a little space on Etsy now for the handful of things that Tom has finished. It’s under CordesFarmLLC. Everything on there is one of a kind, so once it’s sold, that’s it, it’s sold! We have a scale ordered to start weighing stuff, but until then I kind of have to guess at shipping costs, so all the shipping is currently free.

I really wanted to keep every single thing that we put up there, but Tom insists some of it has to go. He created this really cute little shelf that would be great for hanging keys from and sitting your handbag or wallet on top. Or it could hold a few little knick knacks or even a small plant (my little cactus would fit perfectly up there) if you like. The shelf is all solid red oak barn wood and REALLY sturdy, so if it’s hung up well, it could hold just about anything… ok, maybe not my grandma’s purse, but then grandpa couldn’t hardly carry that thing either.


He also made another wall sconce like the one I DID get to keep, but this one has a really cool knot-hole in the back board. It also has the same hemp rope cord on it and a switch like the other light. Same bright Edison Style bulb. I’m going to talk him into another so I can get a pair. 😉

He’s working on other stuff too… there’s a coat rack that isn’t quite finished and I’m not sure about the logistics of shipping that one, it’s going to be REALLY heavy when it’s finished. That solid red oak weighs quite a lot! We’ll post more as he gets out to the garage. 

Stay healthy, stay safe out there,



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