Missouri Native Wildflowers Birdhouse Gourds

I grew all of these gourds in our garden a year ago and decided to do a series of Missouri Native Wildflower paintings on them.Native plants are a crucial part of a healthy ecosystem- they conserve water, maintain biodiversity and provide food and shelter for our wildlife and pollinators.My hope is that if you purchaseContinue reading “Missouri Native Wildflowers Birdhouse Gourds”

Herbals from Belle of Dirt

Belle is now working on a line of herbal salves that we are offering through Cordes Farm. The first is a Purple Dead Nettle Salve made from plants grown here in our gardens. Dead Nettle is an edible plant in the mint family, full of vitamins A and C, it is valued by herbalists forContinue reading “Herbals from Belle of Dirt”

Store's open folks!

We have a little space on Etsy now for the handful of things that Tom has finished. It’s under CordesFarmLLC. Everything on there is one of a kind, so once it’s sold, that’s it, it’s sold! We have a scale ordered to start weighing stuff, but until then I kind of have to guess atContinue reading “Store's open folks!”

Tom at work

Everyone has to start somewhere…. Tom’s currently at work making a couple of test lights for our house, we’ll be offering similar lights for sale on an online store later. But if you like what you see and you really want one now, just give us a shout and couple weeks. We can probably workContinue reading “Tom at work”